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Fast Track - Interim Management support is vital for the businesses under transition or businesses facing uncertain situations and even can be helpful under pandemic situations like Corona Virus, where having full time senior professionals may not be viable for business costs.

Fast Track helps companies by providing the senior Executive support during the transition phases. This may be due to exit of some senior professional on short notice or need senior management professional for any special project or need to have interim CXO level person considering time required to find the new person or even under situations where organisations are not willing to go for high CXO level costs due to market uncertainties.

Fast Track has pool of high skilled CXO level professionals across various skills and functions, which can get in the shoes and work as interim Management and ensure organisations do not miss on performance and targets during the transition phase or during uncertain situations.

Our seasoned executives serve in leadership, Operations Management, Financial management, Information Technology, Human Resources and various other functional management roles. These roles include CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CPO, CMO and the senior positions that report to these positions. Our Interim Management leaders come from a broad range of industries, domain backgrounds and geographies.

Our Services offerings in Interim Management include:

  • Transitional Management
  • Turnaround Management
  • Special Projects Management
  • Business Expansion/Growth Initiatives

Fast Track HR Recruitment team even can help organisations hire the interim management in case of any specific functional or business needs.

Fast Track Interim Management division supports for Interim Management services in the following industry segments :

Industrial Manufacturing

Auto OEM and Auto Components

Automation and Robotics

Additive Manufacturing

Architecture, Building Materials and Furniture

Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances

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