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Santosh Kasture

Santosh Kasture
(Business Growth Consultant and Keynote Speaker)

Santosh is highly result oriented and Successful corporate professional, Business growth Consultant, Transformational leader, an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Corporate trainer and Public speaker on Business Growth, Career Planning and Management areas.

Santosh is a Mechanical Engineer with Masters in Business Management from Pune University.

He currently serves as a Director at Fast Track Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd and also serves as Advisory board member for few corporates where he is helping them in formulation and implementation of Business growth strategy and lead business growth initiatives.

He has been a part of corporate world since 25 years, lead supply chain and business operations of size INR 3000Cr with multiple manufacturing facilities and multiple brands, worked with 5000+ people, travelled over 30 countries and led multiple businesses in India and different parts of the world.

As a Management thinker and Executor, he specializes in the areas of Strategic Vision, Business Strategy, Business Growth, Leadership, Benchmarking, Corporate Branding, Manufacturing excellence, Supply chain innovations, Sales revenue growth, Human Resources and Performance management techniques.

He has been passionate on guiding and inspiring young generation on corporate career, sharing his corporate experiences and mentoring corporate leaders and turning around normal organizations into high growth organizations.

Driven by his fundamental belief that passionate and hard working people are the primary drivers for business growth, he has been working towards turning organizations into passion hubs for people in order to maximize individual and collective potential of an organization to deliver high profitable business growth. He has been Business coach and mentor to many including CEOs, Top Management team members and growth oriented Business Owners.

He is passionate about writing and public speaking and is often found speaking at various forums including Corporate, Colleges, Schools and Conferences largely on youth inspiration, career planning, corporate career, corporate skills, motivation, leadership, business growth, personal success and inspiration, talent hiring trends, customer relationships and entrepreneurial mindset.

He is associated as an industry expert with leading business management schools and business associations in India and also supporting as Expert Management Consultant for leading global Management Consulting and Market Research companies in India and abroad.

He has been invited as Panelist for various industry forums, corporate forums and panel discussions.

He has been invited as a Keynote Speaker for several forums and he delivers his power talks on various topics including:

  • Career Planning
  • Corporate Skills
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Born to Win
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Business Growth
  • Entrepreneur Empowerment
  • Corporate Career
  • Corporate Communications
  • Passion, Purpose & Performance
  • Motivation
  • Lean Manufacturing & SCM
  • People and Performance
  • Sales Growth
  • Building Winning Organizations

If you are looking to inspire your students, help them plan their corporate career or need motivation for your employees for better performance and building winning organization, you should invite Santosh Kasture for getting practical advising, coaching and business growth guidance.

You can connect him for panel discussions or inviting as a Keynote speaker on [email protected]

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