Management Consulting

Management Consulting is our passion and we love working closely and helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Someone rightly said - “Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow.” We help our clients to identify their problems which are holding them back, discuss them with our expert Management Consultants and we will help you resolve them and turn these problems as opportunity for your future growth.

Our Management consultants believe in the fact that Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. They will formulate right business strategy, provide you right solution for your business or operational problem, work closely with your team and help you implement and execute the strategy for your business growth.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We want you to take this first step by connecting our Management team. Our Management Consultants are passionate in their work and they will always walk Extra mile to help you achieve Extraordinary Results!! You take the first step and we will walk extra mile for you.

Winning is our way of life and winning Together is our promise to our people and to our customers!!

Our Key Management Consulting Services includes:

Business Vision and Growth Strategy

  • Business Plan Formulation
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Expansion and Growth Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Sales and Profitability Improvement Strategy
  • India Business Entry Strategy

Sales Growth Strategy

  • Market Research
  • Customer Prospecting
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing and Sales strategy
  • Effective Sales Planning
  • Sales Monitoring & MIS Management

Customer Building and Engagement Strategy

  • Right geographies and Markets
  • Identify and Target Strategic Customers
  • KYC and Customer Relationships
  • Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Customer Experience and Feedback

Manufacturing Operations

  • Implementation of World Class Manufacturing
  • Implementation of Toyota Production System
  • Implementation of Mahindra Production System
  • Lean Manufacturing Implementation
  • Productivity and Quality improvements
  • TQM Implementation
  • Customized Shop floor Trainings

Lean and Agile SCM

  • Lean & Agile SCM Implementation
  • Inventory Control
  • JIT and VMI Implementation
  • Kanban implementation
  • SCM Cost innovation

Strategic Sourcing and Global Sourcing

  • Supplier Identification and Evaluation
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Cost Innovation and Cost Reduction
  • Supplier Quality improvement Programs
  • Supplier Relationship and Performance Management

Cost Management and Cost Optimisation

  • Raw Material Cost
  • Operational Cost/Processing Cost
  • Manpower Cost
  • Promotions and Sales Cost
  • Cost Innovations

Human Resource

  • HR Strategy
  • Talent Hiring and Retention
  • HR Compensation
  • JD/KPI Formulation
  • Performance Management System Implementation

Innovation, Change and Knowledge Management

  • Build Learning Culture
  • Build Winning Organization
  • Change Management Implementation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Process Re-Engineering

Customized Training and Capability Building Programs

  • IITs & NITs
  • IIMs & leading Management Schools
  • Leading Universities
  • Engineering and Diploma Colleges
  • IGTR/CIPET/Leading ITI Institutes
  • Government Institutes, Offices and NSDC Programs

  • We drive Value
  • We add value
  • We create high and long term impact

We collaborate with customers and work closely with them to devise and implement winning strategies that have the lasting impact for the organization. We are passionately driven to deliver practical and customized solutions to our clients - which are relevant, practical and most importantly sustainable.

We serve our clients at every stage and level of business, whether as a trusted coach and advisor to their management team or as a hands-on leader for guiding and mentoring their front line employees. We partner with clients to put our recommendations into the practice and work directly with them over the long-term, to help develop client workforce skills, drive operational improvements and apply innovative and world class working practices in the client organization.

Whatever be the challenge, we focus on delivering relevant, practical and long last lasting results and help our clients to grow and lead the market in their business segments.

Clients Come First - We measure our Success by our clients Success and growth.

Business Growth Strategy

Dream >> Strategize >> Action Plan >> Grow

We help you identify attractive market growth opportunities for your business and help you define and build focused growth strategies to grab these opportunities for business growth.

How we help you Grow

Market Intelligence >> Strategy >> Execution Plan >> Action

We provide you Business and market intelligence and best practices, Strategize your growth plans, make you focused and work on your business growth. We help you identify and concentrate on the most attractive growth opportunities, both inside and outside of your organization, for your business.

Identify your strategic growth opportunities

For every company there are multiple opportunities available for growth: you can enter new markets, increase market share, or expand into new geographies. We help you identify the right opportunities that are worth pursuing in line with your organization strengths and external market dynamics.

Develop strategies to seize growth opportunities

For every identified growth opportunity there could be multiple ways and paths to follow. We work together with you and assess these options by building a better understanding of your products, your customers, identifying areas of innovation, and looking at opportunities to work on the suitable areas. We help you develop the most suitable strategies

Formulate and Implement your growth plan

We develop a detailed roadmap to guide your growth plans, incorporating strategic and organizational crucial things. We help you formulate and also implement your growth plan while working closely with your management and working level teams.

We are different... We add Value

Expertise >> Active Involvement >> Discipline >> Value addition

Our Expert Management Consulting team members gets involved actively on your growth projects, they work hands-in-hands with your team members in disciplined manner and add value to your business.

We go deeper and walk extra mile

We look hard at your existing operations and markets to spot every opportunity to grow before moving into new ways of working and new market areas. Our Business and Market Intelligence division help you to get the market and competitor information. We apply advanced analytics tools to this market information and spot right growth opportunities.

We bring dedication and discipline

We help you achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Sustainable and Profitable growth always requires dedication and discipline. We bring a disciplined approach while defining your growth strategy and selecting growth opportunities, so that you pursue only strategic growth opportunities which will help you for achieving sustainable and profitable business growth.

We generate Innovative and creative ideas

Whether it is improving any process, improving manufacturing operations, understanding your customers better, or finding value propositions for business growth, there is no replacement for innovation and creativity. Our expert management consultants would help you look at your situation differently and help you build culture of innovation and creativity.

We Help You Grow>>

We are your growth partners. We help you right from formulating your growth strategy to smooth execution of defined strategy. We help you in improving your processes, operations, products and people performance. We are always there with you; we work hand-in-hand with your execution team and walk with you during your growth journey. We are committed for your business growth and We Help You Grow>>

Fast Track Management Consulting division have expertise and support clients with customized Management Consulting services in the following industry segments:

Industrial Manufacturing

Auto OEM and Auto Components

Automation and Robotics

Additive Manufacturing

Architecture, Building Materials and Furniture

Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances

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