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Fast Track - Training and Capability building division operates in three segments:

  • Technical Institutes and Management Schools
  • Industries and Corporates
  • Government Sector

Fast Track is proudly associated with and supporting well known and leading Technical Institutes, Engineering and Diploma colleges and Management schools across India and deliver customized training programs for the students which can bridge the gap between their current skills and industry requirements. We also help these students in planning their corporate career well in advance with our soft skill development and career oriented training programs.

Fast Track is working with leading manufacturing industries across various segments and helps them providing tailor-made Training and skill development programs for their employees across all skills, functions and levels. Historically organizations are struggling to understand and beat the competition, drive innovation and creating the future leaders who will take organization ahead of competition. This work is not possible overnight and need continuous focused efforts on leadership development through customized and structured training and skill development programs. This is where we assist organizations in identifying, creating and sustaining a better trained work force, who can lead from front to enhance the productivity and profits of the organization. We train the employees from shop floor, staff, middle and top management on various industry skills and subjects.

Our Expert Training Consultants also help organizations identifying the training needs for each individual in your organization and prepare the customized training model which will help improving the individual and team skills to achieve the desired results. We do also undertake complete ownership of annual training calendar for large business houses.

Fast Track is working closely with Central and various State governments and help them with the customized training programs for their employees from various departments. We are also very much active in Government Skill development programs and contribute with our specially crafted training programs.

Fast Track Training division have been supporting for the following segments:

Technical Institutes & Management Schools

Industries and Corporates

Government Sector

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